Sciforma uses WS_FTP to securely support customers worldwide

Internal employees are unaware that we’re even using WS FTP Server. People just expect file transfer to work — and it always does.

Rob DeVenuto, Senior Account Executive, Sciforma

The Challenge

Sciforma Corporation has been providing advanced project and process management software solutions and services to a global customer base since 1982. Customers need to collaborate with each other across multiple geographical locations, requiring a high level of security for files, databases and communications. 

The Solution

WS_FTP Server was the obvious choice to meet Sciforma’s requirements for an intuitive file transfer product that ensured user privacy and empowered staff to resolve client issues worldwide. With WS FTP Server, Sciforma assigns user or group permissions for creating directories, uploading, downloading, deleting, and renaming files. Users are locked into their home folders so they cannot navigate outside their home directory structure.

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