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File Transfers, Simplified

“It’s a bad sign when even your CTO is confused by the file transfer process," joked the CTO of a national news outlet.

Inefficient. Chaotic. Complex. Manual. Unfortunately, this is how many organizations view their existing processes.

file transfer complexity infographic
Aberdeen Group, From Chaos to Control: Creating a Mature File Transfer Process November 2013.

And, until recently, this was how the CTO of one national news outlet felt about her company's own inefficient file transfer systems. There were homegrown scripts, a patchwork of multiple systems, and most importantly, there were no options for automation.

“It’s a bad sign when even your CTO is confused by the process,” she joked. “But we knew we needed to simplify the process. The question was how to best achieve this goal.”

After some research, she and her team concluded that a centralized, managed file transfer solution via MOVEit was the ideal option. MOVEit alleviates the headaches of maintaining multiple systems and provisioning partners, giving organizations the ability to manage all of their file transfer processes from a central location. Moreover, a simple user interface makes it easy to automate and integrate file transfers without the need for scripting – giving IT a centralized, reliable, powerful file automation engine that’s usable by everyone.

MOVEit has really taken the complexity out of the file transfer process,” she noted. “It was easy to adopt, easy to use, and it freed us up to focus on more business-critical issues.”

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