Employees Circumvent IT

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Employees Putting Your Company at Risk?

In the absence of a centralized, IT-managed file transfer solution, employees will turn to whatever tool offers them the greatest convenience – guaranteed.

file transfer compliance infographic
**Institute of Internal Auditors, "Defining Our Role in a Changing Landscape", October 2013

Unfortunately, many unauthorized file transfer tools come with an increased risk for non-compliance, security breaches and a host of other problems.

Nobody understood this problem better than the Director of Technology for a major law firm. As the firm expanded internationally, its requirements for file transfers became more sophisticated. By the time this realization was made, internal users were leveraging a host of unauthorized services. The time had come for a unified standard.

“Internally we were all over the place,” he said. “There was no standardization in terms of how we transferred files. As you could imagine, I wasn’t comfortable with this level of security.”

But while security was the goal, usability was the obstacle. Users expressed the need for a solution that was seamless, easy-to-use and integrated with the tools they were already leveraging.

Enter MOVEit. With the comprehensive managed file transfer solution from Ipswitch, the company was able to get the best of both worlds. For the IT department, they get a solution with full file transfer visibility and control, LDAP authentication, robust password policies, rules for IP/user lockout and other features. For employees, MOVEit could be used via a desktop client, web browser, Microsoft Outlook plugin or on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

“MOVEit was the perfect solution for our business,” he added. “The administrative capabilities, security features and ease-of-use far surpassed any of the alternatives.”

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