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Do You Know Where Your Files Are?

“If my department is accountable for file delivery and auditing, then we need complete visibility into all file transfer processes.”

lack of visibility infographic
*Aberdeen Group, From Chaos to Control: Creating a Mature File Transfer Process November 2013.
In the age of security breaches, compliance laws and government audits, it’s imperative for organizations to know the status of their files at all times–no exceptions. Having to guess about delivery status or spending days creating reports is not something any IT professional wants to worry about.

The IT Administrator of a large government agency was among the first to adopt a digital file transfer process for his agency. However, as time went on, administrators found it hard to pinpoint the status of certain files. That’s when they began looking for an alternative to the status quo.

“If my department is accountable for file deliverability and auditing, then we need complete visibility into all file transfer processes,” he said. “There is too much at stake to leave it to chance.”

Where did they get this level of administrative oversight? By leveraging a Managed File Transfer solution via MOVEit. MOVEit Managed File Transfer makes it easy to know the status of any file at any time with a centralized console that provides instant verification of file delivery as well as extensive reporting and notifications.

MOVEit Managed File Transfer also provides:
  • Logging of all file transfer activity in tamper-evident database
  • Notifications of server events and completed transfers
  • Extensive reporting
  • Integration with Syslog
  • Guest user identification in logs and notifications
“We required a much higher degree of confidence in our file transfer process,” he added. “MOVEit was exactly what we needed.”
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