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SSH File Transfer: How It Works, Why It Matters and How to Leverage It

SSH, also known as SFTP or “Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol” is a premium security protocol that delivers secure communications and is considered by many to be the optimal method for securely sending files. The key questions for your organization then become:
1.       How does SSH file transfer work?
2.       Why is SSH file transfer important?
3.       How do I leverage SSH file transfer?  
1) How Does SSH Work?
SSH File transfer uses Secure Shell 2 (SSH2), a secure tunneling protocol, to emulate an FTP connection and provides a firewall friendly and encrypted channel for file transfers using the well-known TCP port 22. SSH offers enhanced security by having the entire file transfer session, including all session control commands, entirely encrypted at all times while only requiring a single port be opened on your firewall versus the two ports that need to be opened for FTP and SSL connections.
2) Why Does It Matter?
SSH improves the security of standard FTP by encrypting all data transfer traffic, connection control data and passwords to eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking, and other attacks. As an added feature, it also compresses all data during the transmission, which can result in faster file transfers. Furthermore, using SSH for file transfer allows for cross-platform IT standardization, which ensures consistent, strong security policy enforcement and simpler administration.
3) How Do I Leverage SSH File Transfer?
The easiest way to begin leveraging this functionality is through MOVEit – an automated file transfer system that lets you manage, view and control all activity through a single system. Aside from SSH, MOVEit is equipped with the latest security features, including end-to-end encryption, vulnerability & anti-virus protection, file integrity checking and others.
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