Proven, Scalable, Secure FTP Server

Client-Server Solutions Features

In addition to the individual features of our WS_FTP Professional and WS_FTP Server solutions, using our client and server products together provides several distinct benefits, including:

  • Anti-Hammering: Identify, log and automatically block IP addresses and subnets that attempt consecutive failed logon attempts.
  • FIPS 140-2 Validated Cryptography: Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) approved and validated cryptography up to and including 256-bit AES encryption over SSL and SSH protocols.
  • Secure Copy (SCP2): Secure Copy over SCP2 enables secure file transfers using the Secure Shell (SSH2) protocol and provides easy interoperability with Linux and Unix systems.
  • Login Authentication Encryption: Ensure that all credentials for every client-server connection are secured and never sent unprotected.
  • Strongest Transfer Encryption: 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) transfer encryption over SSL / FTPS, SSH / SFTP, and SCP2 protocols.
  • SSH Key Management: SSH user keys can be imported and exported to and from Windows, Unix, and Linux.
  • File Integrity: Guarantee the integrity and non-repudiation of transferred files and data with file integrity algorithms including CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, and SHA-512 technologies.
  • OpenPGP File Encryption: Encrypt individual files with fully integrated public-key/private-key file encryption that supports AES and 3DES ciphers, key strengths from 1,024 to 4,096 bits, and RSA and Diffie-Hellman key types with expirable keys.
  • Digital Certificate Management: Implement and manage secure and encrypted server access by quickly adding, creating, and importing certificates and running them through a company’s existing trusted-authorities database.
  • Enforce Secure Client-Server Connections: Ability for administrators to force SSL or SSH connections, define minimum encryption levels, and specify connection requirements, such as TLS 1.0 or higher.
  • Strong Password Policies: Include auto-expiring passwords and guidelines for strong password creation that require users to reset their password at any time on an ongoing basis.

  • Storage Utilization Displayed to Connecting WS_FTP Professional Clients: Users connecting to WS_FTP Server with the soon-to-be-released WS_FTP Professional 2007.1 file transfer client get a real-time view of their server disk space utilization.
  • FIPS 140-2 cryptography: Meets federal cryptographic requirements with FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography up to 256-bit AES encryption over SSL and SSH.
  • Client-Server Logging: Capture client-server connections and activities related to the storage and transfer of files with the ability to filter, sort, and export logs for customized reporting.
  • Administration Logging: Keep an auditable record of server administrator actions, control the level of detail that gets logged, and filter, sort, and export logs for customized reporting.
  • Syslog Support: Integrate WS_FTP logs with a company database or central data repository.
  • Web Administration: Remote server administration and management from any Internet connection.
  • Separation of Duties: Create host administrators who can only manage specified hosts.
  • Real-time View of Client Connections: View client and server connections with ability to drop users and create and manage black lists for blocking IPs.
  • End-User Records: End users can keep records of their WS_FTP usage with Transfer Manager, Transfer History, and Connection Log.
  • Virtualization: Central Management and Deployment: Citrix® and Microsoft® terminal servers software management enables administrators to manage and rapidly deploy WS_FTP Professional on multiple computers right from a central server.
  • Silent Install: Customize installation configuration and quickly get multiple server deployments with unattended bulk installations up and running remotely.
  • Flexible Licensing: Client licenses are sold in packs of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 licenses via our website. Server licenses are sold individually or in 2-packs via our website. For larger deployments, call us at 781 676-5700 and an Ipswitch Licensing Specialist will respond to your inquiry.
  • Choice of Databases: Use the embedded WS_FTP Server database or integrate with an existing Microsoft® SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Server Express for both user authentication and server system configuration.
  • Choice of Web Servers: Use the default standards-based Web server that ships with WS_FTP Server or integrate with Microsoft IIS for powering the Web administration interface.
  • Syslog Support: Integrate WS_FTP logs with a company database or central logging repository.
  • Flexible User Authentication: Leverage existing user databases, including LDAP, Active Directory, NT, Ipswitch IMail, or any ODBC compliant database. Active Directory integration enables robust filtering so that only appropriate users are able to authenticate.