WS_FTP Server Features

Proven, Scalable, Secure FTP Server

WS_FTP Server Features Overview

Designed to meet the needs of any business – regardless of their level of sophistication – WS_FTP Server offers a wide range of features and solutions, including:

  • Compliant: Exceeds the requirements of many compliance regulations worldwide, including HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI DSS 2.0, GLBA, and Basel II.
  • Customizable server logs: Compile a detailed and granular record of all administrator and end-user activity. SYSLOG support enables log data to be integrated into a central data repository.
  • FIPS 140-2 Validated Cryptography: Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) approved and validated cryptography up to (and including) 256-bit AES encryption over SSL, SSH, and SCP2 protocols. 
  • 256-bit AES encryption: With leading 256-bit encryption over SSL and SSH (SFTP and SCP2) connection, WS FTP Server delivers unrivaled encryption strength.
  • SSH Transfers: WS FTP Server transfers files over SSH protocol (firewall-friendly, uses a single port), supports inline compression for optimized file transfers, and maintains data encryption on all connections.
  • Secure Copy (SCP2): Enables secure file transfers using the Secure Shell (SSH2) protocol (e.g., PuTTY and OpenSSH) and provides easy interoperability with Linux and Unix systems. Available in WS_FTP Corporate only
  • File Integrity: Guarantees uncompromised delivery with file integrity checking up to SHA-512; works optimally with WS_FTP Professional client software.
  • Anti-Hammering: Identify, log and automatically block IP addresses and subnets that attempt consecutive failed logon attempts.
  • SSH Key Management: SSH user keys can be imported and exported to and from Windows, Unix, and Linux systems.
  • Configure Email Notifications for SMTP Server Authentication: Easily configure business rules to automatically authenticate and send email notifications when specified file transfer or server events occur. Email notifications can be configured to enable SMTP server authentication if required by the mail server.
  • Force Secure Client-Server Connections: Administrators can require encrypted SSH or SSL client-server connections; ability to force all clients to connect at SSH, SSL v3 or TLS 1.0 or higher.
  • SSL Certificate Support: The WS_FTP Server Trusted Authorities database supports SSL certificate chains containing either the full chain or just the peer level certificate.
  • SSH Listener Option: Support for suppressing the SSH protocol name and version from being displayed on the login banner, preventing users from attempting malicious actions on the SSH server based on protocol name and version.
  • Strong Password Policies: Include auto-expiring passwords and guidelines for strong password creation that require users to reset their password at any time on an on-going basis.
  • Concealed Server Details: Hide logon banner to conceal server details.
  • Login Authentication Encryption: All client-server connections are encrypted when using SSH or SSL protocol. FTP connections between WS FTP Server and WS FTP Professional are also encrypted .
  • Digital Certificate Management: SSL certificates and SSH keys can be used for creating, importing, and exporting. Global SSL certificates and a Trusted Authorities database can be created on a per-host basis.
  • Mutual Authentication: Mutual authentication of server and connecting FTP clients.
  • Exceed Compliance Regulations: Compliant with government regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI DSS, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, BASEL II, and J-SOX.
  • Industry-Standard Algorithms: Industry-standard and FIPS-compliant algorithms for encryption, hashing, and signing.
  • Digitally Signed Application from Trusted Certificate Authority: Digital signature from Trusted Certificate Authority authenticates Ipswitch as the developer of WS_FTP software, assures the integrity of the application, and proves that nobody has tampered with or changed the software in any way.
  • External Authentication: Support for LDAP (Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory and OpenLDAP) authentication with failover, as well as Active Directory, NT or an ODBC database.
  • Powerful LDAP Queries: Enhanced LDAP support enables administrators to utilize larger and more advanced queries into their Active Directory and LDAP authentication database.
  • Additional Notification Variables: Four new variables (TransferType, ClientIPAddress, HostName, and FileSize) available for dynamic insertion in notification messages. For example, the IP address of a malicious end user can be included in notifications to the server administrator alerting of a Denial of Service (DOS) attack.
  • Virtualization with VMware ESX: Support for virtual servers running on VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V platforms. Benefits include reduced hardware costs and increased manageability and portability.
  • Email Address Added to User Properties: New user property for storing and using end users email address. The email address can be used as a notification variable for dynamic insertion in notification messages.
  • New Display Options for User Home Folders: Ability to lock into and control how the end user's home folder is displayed.
  • IP Whitelist for End User Authentication: Define specific IP addresses or subnets that can always connect to the server.
  • Enhanced Date Formatting Support: The log viewer supports nine different US and international display formats such as MM/DD/YY, DD-MM-YYYY and YYYY.MM.DD. Flexible configuration for setting the date format in the log viewer.
  • Web Transfer Module: Enable Web Transfer Module access for end users via command line or as a user property.
  • Configuration and Integration Consulting: Ability to scheduled two-hour remote session with a senior technician.
  • Licensing: Licensing technology simplifies procurement and provisioning and notifies you when software updates are available and enables maintenance-free upgrades.
  • Improved Speed and Scalability: Faster FTP transfers and up to 50% better performance under heavy loads; now scales to thousands of concurrent users.
  • Disaster Recovery: Configure the top-level directory to point to a local or shared network drive that can be easily covered by disaster recovery processes.

  • Variety of file transfer options: WS_FTP Server modules and companion products give users a full variety of transfer options, including the Web Transfer module, the Ad Hoc Transfer module, and WS_FTP Professional - our popular file transfer client.
  • Protocol Choice: Enable file transfers over FTP, SSH / SFTP, and SSL / FTPS (Implicit and Explicit).
  • Flexibility: Although the WS_FTP Server product is optimized to work with the WS_FTP Professional file transfer client, it also works with any desktop file transfer software.
  • Web Administration: Remote administration and management from any Internet connection.
  • Lock Files During Upload: Ensure version control by preventing different users from simultaneously uploading and downloading the same file. File lock also prevents users from downloading a file before it's fully uploaded to the server.
  • Separation of Duties: Create host administrators who can only manage specified host. Set default host- and user-level options once and have them automatically apply to all new users added to the host from that point on.
  • Permissions: Assign user or group permissions for uploading files, downloading files, deleting files, renaming files, and creating directories. Users can be locked into their home folder so they can’t navigate outside of their home directory structure.
  • Usage limitations: Set limitations on storage space, file count, and bandwidth utilization.
  • Automatic Restart: Automatically restart interrupted file transfers where they left off so users never lose valuable data because of a lost connection.
  • Automate Admin Tasks: Define rules to automatically delete files or disable unused user accounts'
  • Customized Messages: Display a customized message to connecting clients when they logon to the server.
  • Address Blocking: Server access controls and ability to block connections by IP address.
  • Virtual Folders: Grant virtual access to files so they can be shared by multiple users without knowledge that another user exists.
  • Firewall/Network Address Translations (NAT): Used to support for SSL connections.
  • Configurable IP Addresses: Configure IP address and ports for better performance with firewalls and NAT devices.
  • Supports Anonymous Users: Administrators can choose to make the server available to the public without having to create and maintain user accounts.
  • Customizable SITE commands: Administrators can create custom commands that FTP clients can issue to help manage the server and files.
  • Failover for High Availability: WS_FTP Server can be deployed in a failover configuration to achieve high availability and provide continuous service to file transfer users. This Failover option ensures uninterrupted file transfer service for increased uptime, reliability, and performance.
  • Storage Utilization Displayed to Connecting WS_FTP Professional Clients: Users connecting to WS_FTP Server with the WS_FTP Professional file transfer client get a real-time view of their server disk space utilization.
  • Client-Server Logging: Capture all file transfer activities with ability to filter, sort, and export. Filter allows you to narrow log data by user, client IP address, error message, and more.
  • Administration Logging: Keep an auditable record of server administrator actions with the ability to filter, sort, and export.
  • Real-time View of Client Connections: View client and server connections with ability to drop users or block IP addresses.
  • Notifications: Create rules that automatically trigger email, SMS, and pager alerts and launch external programs.
  • Monitor file transfer status: View real time status of file transfer.

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