Proven, Scalable, Secure FTP Server

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The WS_FTP Web Transfer Module offers a numbers of features designed to simplify and secure the file transfer process:

  • Easy: Provides users with a simple file transfer interface that works on any browser and operating system
  • Browser-based: End-users connect to WS FTP Server from any Internet connection over HTTP/S protocol
  • Transfer Files: Easily upload/download files and create/delete folders on the remote server
  • Centralized Administration & Deployment: Administrators simply enable Web access on the WS FTP Server console, and all user settings (such as password rules, file/folder permissions and disk quotas) are automatically enforced
  • No software to install: There is no download required and there is absolutely nothing to install on end-user computers. Authorized people simply use their browser to connect their computer to WS FTP Server and transfer files
  • Convenient: Simple way for organizations to allow employees and external business partner to connect to company networks and share information securely
  • Authentication: Administrators define who is authorized to connect to WS FTP Server with the web transfer module
  • Encryption: Securely transfer files over encrypted HTTPS protocol
  • Deployment: Administrators can install the module on the same server as WS FTP Server or in a distributed manner on a different server
  • Unlimited End Users: No limit on the number of web client users
  • Use any Browser: Compatible with top browsers, including IE, Firefox & Safari
  • Cross Platform: Runs on Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac browsers
  • Customize: Ability to brand with your company name or logo
  • Available in English & German